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When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and go to Clown College.  No, seriously…  I also expected that little clown car.  Instead, I became an activist.  That is the one common denominator that spans my 5 careers. The odd thing is each career has built to give me this kick ass set of skills to do what I love most, get to know you and your story.  I created this site so the people I shoot will feel seen and walk away knowing they are valued.  If you are down with raising awareness on issues like BIPOC, LGBTQ, homeless youth, DV, eating disorders, mental health, or feminism… we will chill well together. 


Honors & Awards

2021 IPA, Professional; Children - Honorable Mention

2019 IPA, Professional; People, Family, Children - Honorable Mention

2006 Silver Conference, B&W Honorable Mention

2005 Golden Light, Honorable Mention

2004 International Photography Awards, 2nd Place

2004 Santa Fe Center for Photography, 3rd Place B&W

2003 Center Choice Awards; Black and White - 3rd place

2003 Jason K Stern Travel Scholarship

2003 Visions of Venice annual photographic exhibition

2003 Los Angeles County Fair, 3rd Place B&W & Honorable Mention

22nd Annual Photographer's Forum Magazine, Finalist



CIE Magazine

CBS/NBC/ Telemundo News

LA Times

The Doctors

The Steve Harvey Show

Womans World

Light Leaks Magazine no 17

CMYK no 24

CMYK no 27, 

Shots 82 

Best of Photography Annual 2002

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